a STORY state of mind

Want to know the building blocks of a great story? A story that will connect with an audience and teach you how to talk in story?

This talk introduces the fundamentals of a great story and how to use them whether you are working in the media, in the creative arts or in business. Whether you're making programmes or making whisky, designing a house or building a marketing strategy, you have a story to tell.

Content can include:

  • how your brain works on story
  • the key elements of a story
  • characters and emotions
  • how to design a narrative
  • how social media has changed stories
  • pick the right story for your needs
  • build a world




CREATE - from joy to despair & back again

No creative process ever runs smoothly - that is part of the joy of it. But it's also what leads people to despair.

This talk takes you through the practical stages of the writing process. Whether it's a script, a brand or designing a business newsletter this talk will show you what to do when you get stuck, can't find the right voice or you want to find a different way to express yourself or your project.

Content can include:

  • how to start and keep going
  • the key creative stages of a project 
  • find your rhythm
  • build your creative stamina
  • find your voice
  • get past the first draft
  • how to edit