I work with factual production teams as they find their way through the production process. Each stage brings its own demands and problems and I can usually help find a solution.

At the start...

A consult at the start of the production process when your team is newly formed is a brilliant way to get everyone thinking about story from the start. Key story decisions about characters, tone, vision and structure can be shared and built upon and a flexible working outline put together which will act as a road map for your programme or series.


In the middle…

Everyone gets stuck at some point - it's part of any creative process. Either there's a problem or you feel too close to the information and unable to find the story that is in there. A story consult can bring a new clarity at this stage. I am also known for finding the story hiding  in a mass of information.


At the end…

The story doesn't stop with the visuals. I am also an experienced writer and script consultant who can polish your script and make it shine.

People who take on complicated creative projects become lost at some point in the process.
— Ed Catmull

why me

I have worked with numerous award winning factual production teams to help create strong stories and scripts to help make programmes that audiences love. If you are a production company looking to lift your series through a stronger use of story or would like a script consult then please get in touch.

Series I have worked on :


and many others.