There are three key stages where I can help with your factual story or script.

Start with the story...

A consult at the start of the production process when your team is newly formed is a brilliant way to get everyone thinking about story from the start. Key story decisions about characters, tone, vision and structure can be shared and built upon and a flexible working outline put together which will act as a road map for your programme or series.


Return to the story…

Everyone gets stuck at some point - it's part of any creative process. Either there's a problem with the story or you’re too close to the information. A story consult can provide new clarity at this stage. I’m known for finding the story hiding in a mass of information.


Make the story shine…

The story isn’t just the visuals. I’m also an experienced scriptwriter who can make a script shine.

People who take on complicated creative projects become lost at some point in the process.
— Ed Catmull

why me

I’ve worked with numerous award winning factual production teams to create strong stories and scripts to make programmes that audiences love. If you are looking for a story consult or a writer do get in touch.

Series I have worked on include :


and many others.